Map Chart Mosaic

How to Display a Paper Map Photo on your Phone

Use the app Map Chart Mosaic to import your paper map picture ( iPhone or Android ).
Select the menu item "More..." and then "Add" a picture from your photo gallery.

Calibrate the location and resolution of your paper map so that you can display the GPS coordinates on your map:
Place the 4 pins at easy identifiable locations in the paper map picture and then switch to the Satellite or Road Map and set pins at the corresponding locations.

If your paper map has a coordinate grid you can also use the map grid points for the calibration (as it is shown in the video with the red pin).

After the calibration you can display the GPS coordinates on your paper map.
The app Map Chart Mosaic allows you also to add bookmarks to your map.

Map pictures are often distorted, which may lead to large location errors.
Do not use map pictures for navigation or any other purpose that may result in personal injury or property damage. Use it at your own risk.

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